Facebook announced this month that it will be overhauling its News Feed that will once again shift the type of content users see.

According to the official statement, Facebook will be making updates to who it is ranking the news feed so people have more opportunities to interact with the people they care about such as their friends and family, instead of Pages.


This not only put business owners and marketers in a frenzy, it sends business straight to the bottom of the timeline to their customers.

Although Facebook is not the only marketing tool for social media, Instagram is also doing the same with their algorithms. Content that is seen as spam, less likely liked or shared, or also having low interactions and impressions will no longer be pushed up front to the timeline. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are seeming to be the only way to attract and extend out exposure for brands.

But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other resolutions to the problem. Here are some tips for staying at the forefront of your target audience without break the bank!

Creating a Community or Page specifically of your following

As some may say, Facebook is not dead! Remember that wave in 2016/2017 where people were deleting there Facebook Groups? It was so many marketers claiming that Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups were dead and it didn’t create any engagement with their brands. But now we are seeing a huge increase in these groups with certain niches to them. Instead of sell groups, they have become motivational and niche groups. These allow for the brand or marketer to directly target their audience in a closed setting. Another alternative to groups is a Facebook Page for your business. If the target audience likes the page and considers it an addition to their timeline, this profile can also be seen higher on the timeline. Encouraging post that promotes interaction and impressions on a regular basis allows for the audience to assist in getting the brand higher on their timeline. Like Google Search, if the person isn’t looking for you specifically and aren’t interacting with the web pages, Google will not push it to the first few pages. Aim to produce content that your audience and engage in and create a community for your market that will love your influences.

Do not overload your audience’s timeline hoping to possibly be seen

Don’t confuse Facebook’s or Instagram’s algorithms with the blocked feature. They are not one in the same. Don’t post constantly all day or week hoping and praying content will be seen by your audience or that will increase your impressions. That’s not how any of this works. Use your post strategically. Take a great quality shot. Post at the highest peak times. Use hashtags. Lastly, listen to your audience. There is no good post that will go unseen if you focus on cracking the algorithms of social media and knowing exactly how to target your audience at the perfect time. The most important thing to remember about posting is the “WHY”. Find your why. Find out why do you need to post in the first, what do you need to post, and when do you need to post to get the most impressions and interactions. There is a science to creating a successful social media ad. It does just happen by pressing “post”

Grow your audience using other avenues  

There are so many other ways to attract your target audience. Traditional marketing, direct marketing, word of mouth, social sharing and video content are just to name a view. A huge marketing tool to consider is growing your email list. Very similar to a community, your email list will allow you to directly market to your audience directly on their phones. Sending out newsletters, updates, and other emails throughout the week or month is another way to keep your target audience on the alert for your brand. Email marketing is a huge component of inbound marketing. Without that email, there isn’t a mean of contact the audience on a personal level. Companies everywhere have now been requesting emails and your consent to send you emails because they know social media is not the only means of contact and impressions. Begin running a test on different marketing avenues such as email, text messaging, or blogging to see how your audience reacts to your content and brand. Trust that your brand will be seen with hard work and dedication.

Facebook is changing. That means you must too! The thing about social media, marketing, and online businesses is that when trends and policies change with the marketing systems, you must too! Stay knowledgeable on the changes of social media and have one leg up on the new integrations so that your business can stay at the top. Your brand will thank you for it!

Natalie NobleComment