The game changer is now here! Well, it has honestly been here, but, it has now become the first to allow you to post directly to Instagram without reminders, notifications, or other trips to post your content. HootSuite has finally launched their new Instagram feature allowing business owners to post to their Instagram accounts directly from the site.

HootSuite is a game changer and here is why:


Years before, Instagram was not allowing third-party companies to access private information or schedule post due to violations of their privacy policy. This was to protect the user’s password and personal information that could possibly be shared over the internet. Instagram was so particular with how they protected their users that other companies such as Buffer and many others begin to try to find ways around the protection. Social Scheduling Apps was created to give users the ability to schedule post. But, the app only reminding the user that it is the time they preferred to post this content instead of posting it for them. This was not only tedious to those who had multiple Instagram accounts, but it hindered the opportunity of focus and growth on social media due to the restrictions it placed on it partners. But that issue is no more. Hootsuite sent emails out to its Business Profile professional clients letting them know of the update to their Instagram feature. This sparked interest to many, knowing that Instagram was a very particular type of social media network that was strict on their privacy policy. After an easy login and a connection between Instagram and Hootsuite, IT WORKED! The post was successfully uploaded to Instagram and the likes and follows were coming through.


Before the excitement begins for business owners, HootSuite makes it clear that to post from their site to Instagram the business social media accounts must be verified. That’s right! It seems as if the feature is only accessible to business owners who have business profiles on multiple platforms. Business owners must verify other social media profiles, such as Facebook, for Hootsuite to consider this an actual Instagram page for a business. The little verification stage doesn’t last long but it is quite confusing when you must log in to Instagram and Facebook a couple times on Hootsuite to verify that it is your business. But honestly, it is all worth it and of course, will reap great benefits in the long run. Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for business owners, so any little time spent to make sure you can free up time and automate your postings is time well spent.


One great feature of Hootsuite is the free user platform. It is completely free to schedule and post your content from Hootsuite with up to THREE social media profiles. Although that means you can only schedule up to 30 posts at a time, FREE IS STILL FREE! If you have more than three profiles and will need more than 30 posts scheduled at a time, the starting cost for an upgraded account is $15 for 10 social profiles and unlimited posting. Still reasonable and still awesome. If you’re on a tight budget, perhaps keep your free profile and schedule your thirty posts till it exhausts and then reminds yourself when you need to reschedule your next thirty. Either way, it’s a win-win situation and a huge time saver.



Hootsuite + Instagram combo has by far been the best thing for marketers in 2018 thus far. Despite the downfall of engagement due to social media algorithms changes by Facebook and Instagram, this is a great “pick-me-up” or “sorry 😊” that marketers and business owners can truly appreciate.

Natalie NobleComment