You have an Instagram, and you have been posting frequently and consistently, so now what? With over 200 million daily users, Instagram stories are the key to moving forward on the social media platform. You can reach, engage, and discover your followers in a powerful way. Not every user knows how to completely use the stories for strategically and creative but it's getting the distraction you need for your followers to stay up to date with your business.

By the end of this blog, you will learn how to engage with your Instagram followers and strategically use Instagram Stories to increase your customer reach for your business.

Take your audience behind the scenes

One of the great features of Instagram and the ability to video is the fact that you can take your community behind the scenes. Show your audience what’s new for inventory, services, or events and even beyond. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person in front or behind the camera, it can also be an interactive click-through stunning imagery. This will allow your customers to engage and build interest and loyalty with your business.

Remain consistent and utilize all the features that best fit your business

Just like all the other social media platforms, consistency is KING. Remember to always utilize the stories feature for updates and anything interactive with your business. Customer will get a sense of familiarity with your brand if you constantly update on your platform. Another great feature that Instagram does is that it ties your account to Facebook Stories. This will allow you to also post the same storyline on your Facebook with one click. Double the interaction and communication. The feature even lets you know who viewed your post. Having this option lets you see who is engaging with your content and you can begin to analyze that data for your social media campaign. Remember to use filters, hashtags, gifs, and other awesome features. By changing the font, color, and overall look of the story, your audience will get a great experience and visual representation of your story.

Have goals for your Instagram Stories and add value to your business

Figure out your “why” for your Instagram Stories. There must be a goal to everything you do for your business marketing strategies. Yes, Boomerang and filters are awesome, but we must not get carried away with them. Set a goal for a Call-To-Action for your story. Have them either take a poll by responding to you or achieve a new way to attract your customers. Whatever that goal much be you must be consistent in on top of creating a theme and content idea. Most brands use their Instagram Stories to take us behind the scenes, show the process, or to take us to an event. Find your purpose and then add value. Adding value to your Instagram page can be as simple as using the pen tool to create a cool design, using text overlays to build a call to action, or changing the colors and background multiple times to keep them engaged. 

Don’t be afraid to show yourself, the team, or create a face or identity to your brand. But most importantly, tell a story. The entire purpose of Instagram Stories is to tell a story. Bring your audience on a journey with your business.

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