Website Development and Creation


We all recognize the need for a company to deliver a credible and professional first impression to prospective customers – and the first impression these people gain is often created through the website.

Our website designs and web development services aim to improve user experience and optimize user interaction. 


You've got your logo and branding down, but your website just isn't really working out. Whether it's the design or the functionality, we'll work with you to create a website that not only looks great but also works just the way you need it to. Whether you're a blogger, creative entrepreneur, or have your own shop we can build you a website that makes sense for your business.

What We Will Work With You On:

+ Website questionnaire

Website inspiration board 

Squarespace website design

(Up to 10 pages + 2 sets of design revisions)

Blog feature

Ecommerce feature


One-time fee starts at $300-$600

$300 If it is a re-branding with website already created and needing new design

$600 if this a completely brand new website creation

Services completed in 4-6 week period

*30% deposit due upon reservation

*Add-on services available for business and commerce options, Squarespace fee not included