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Branding and Digital Media Agency

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branding that speaks for itself

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NR Media is a full service social media, digital marketing, and branding design agency specializing in making small businesses grow. Whether you are in need of a corporate branding strategy or a redesign of your company's website or social media platform, we pride ourselves on giving you a one of a kind experience and appeal to your brand that will leave behind a legacy.



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Creating a brand and choosing a identity is the key to the success of a business. Part of  the NR experience is designing a signature look and aestitic to your brand that will appeal to your target audience and leave a lasting memory and legacy in your industry. 


corporate collateral designed for a hair and beauty industry client


logo design created for a freelance deisgner


branding collateral for a clothing line




your business has to be more than just a url.

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Business is way more than just a website and brick and mortar. Digital marketing and strong social media strategies are the key to building a strong brand. We will design a social media managing campaign that will increase your engagement with your audience and peak your highest growth and exposure. 


structure and design

We will take an in-depth look at your brand and  your current marketing strategies and will determine what will work best for you and your future goals for your brand. We will break down what is and what is not working and put together a plan of action to execute results. 


targeting our audience and competitors

The focus for all marketing should be on the company's current and potential clients/customers. By utilizing a target audience report and competitor analysis, we will design a marketing plan that will strategically engage your customers with your brand. 


analyzing insights and developing strategy

Our K.P.I's (key point indicators) are the analytics. We love to review and see what is working and what needs to be improved to make sure your brand is always at the forefront of marketing and design. We will pay attention to the peak times of your target audience and deliver a schedule highly impact-ful social post that pulls your clients/customers right in. 


increasing growth and exposure

We believe that if you are not promoting or talking about it, no one knows about. To bring about a change of growth and exposure we must get the customers and target audience speaking about your brand. We do so by designing a social engagement strategy that builds exposure and engagement on a 24 hour basis. Your account will be engaging and interacting with your followers while you focusing on the most important things... YOUR BUSINESS!




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Mockups Design

We are just as determined and devoted to the success of your business as you are. We always recommend taking a look at our price list and also meeting or speaking with us beforehand to truly align your vision for your brand with our strategies. Take a look at our price booklet and book an appointment now. Lets begin expanding your business.